Bye Bye Vana'Diel

Yes Its been a long ass time. I was trying to do a long break and regain some joy again, but its just not coming back. Dont get me wrong FFXI is still fun and great, its one of the best games I have ever played and I met some great people there, but I just dont want to devote so much time into this anymore. I always thought if Iratus would ever disband, wich it did in the end, I would still have fun not playing in a HNMLS for a while, wich I was looking forward to so I could level some Jobs. But it dosnt seem to satifsy me soley. But I also dont want to join one because of my time schedule. I just cant bring up and dont want to spend so much more time into this anymore, so its kinda like a dog trying to bite in its own tail!!
Another reason is alot of ppl I was close to ingame left and are leaving, its just not the same without them :(

For those who heared me playing WoW, yes it IS true, and no it DOSNT negate what I just said above, for it is not the reason I quittet FFXI. I would have done so anyways, in the aftermath.
I just have better options to schedule my playtime there then in FFXI. Im not gonna go full-throttle like I did with FFXI (well right now Im playing much together with Ultimo, because were on holidays ^^).

Well, thats all to say I guess I just wanna thank the great ppl I met in FFXI and Ill so miss the beautiful world of Vana' Diel ; ;.
If I might ever play again? Highly doubt it. If, then probably not in the next 2-3 years.
But I can gurantee that Ill definitely try out a new FF Online (IF such thing should ever be created) :D.

So, had a great time with yall, I know not many ppl read this but I just wanted to make a clear line. Bye bye ;;

Bye bye GS - GS Bye bye

The method for obtaining the items listed below has been adjusted.
The monsters that dropped these items now have a chance of dropping an EX/Rare item with the exact same attributes.

Fuma Kyahan/Speed Belt/Ochiudo's Kote/Strider Boots/Healing Staff/Eurytos' Bow/Cross-Counters

- The Notorious Monsters listed below now require a certain item to be traded in a certain location in order to appear.

Big Bomb/Alkyoneus/Pallas/Sozu Rogberry/Ullikummi

- The items listed below can now be obtained through different methods.

Cassie Earring/Serket Ring/Juggernaut
*The Juggernaut will still also drop from the usual monster, but at a lower probability.

- The “Lock of Siren's Hair” will be removed from the treasure dropped by the following Notorious Monsters.

Voll the Sharkfinned/Zuug the Shoreleaper/Pahh the Gullcaller/Worr the Clawfisted
*In accordance with this change, the drop rate of this item from monsters other than the four mentioned above will be increased.

- An item to replace the “Kraken Club” has been added to the treasure dropped by the “Lord of Onzozo.”


Okay now I promised that Ill start up the LJ again, and here we are xD.

Yeah I have alot to catch up with, Ill just post some random stuff thats happned the last few days and weeks.

Blue Mage
Yeah, I was insecure alot of what I should level next. I still have my BLM at 63, but I'm waiting for Reeshin (aka Worm or President :-D) to catch up, so we can duo together. We all know that getting invites on BLM is nearly impossible these days xD.
Anyways I decided to start BLU (I brought it to Lv. 8 before, for pure testing reasons), after seeing some friends and LS Mates playing with it. It really caught my eye. Currently I'm 42 (900 tnl ;;) and trying to get it up as fast as possible :-).

Al' Taieu
Not much to tell here, but we did kill Jailer of Temperance the other day. Too bad I died without having a WHM to Raise III me :-(. Anyways, no torque drop ;;.

As SE announced a new instance, called Salvage, my exceptions weren't all that high. It has been proven that my exceptions have come true :(. With a new Salvage Linkshell called Onikage I've done 2 test runs and I can tell you it's not all that great imo. It's not all that long (100 min. if I remember correctly), but theres nothing thrilling to it if you ask me :(. You start of completly naked with EVERYTHING being restricted. I mean EVERYTHING. That includes not only Level, but every Equip slot, every single stat, Magic, Ability etc. You need to unlock each with an Item wich sucks, since every members needs one. Esepcially with stats its totally stupid, since you need to unlock them single. Like if you want your STR Stat unresctricted, you need to find an Item just for STR. Oh and I forgot that you also need 2k each run from any Assault. It can suck for people who rarely do Assault or want to save for a certain Item. Big no, for now imo. For me at least.

Treasures of Aht Urghan Missions
Yeah I've processed a tiny bit in ToAU. The CS are very well done again and extremly entertaining added with a good amount of humor when it fits :-). I need to do a few CS still then I'm ready for Khimaira BCNM. Hit me up if you still need it.
Anyways, hoping that SE will move this story in a good direction, cause till now its kinda promising if you ask me.

Well thats it. Just a small review of what I've been doing the last few weeks.
Stay tuned!

Oh and I've met a GM for the first time ! Was shocked when I saw a red name for a few seconds, untill I recognized what it was xD.


Yo !
Bet no one even reading this, but IF there is any just wanted to let yal know Im still alive and kickin. Was taking a big break, but I think Im coming back soon (already playing a bit lately).
The show will go on on my Journal as always!

Stay tuned.

Swift Belt

Okay this is a bit late, but we did Swift Belt the other day wich I alsmost missed ><. Thx to Ondori for telling me on ICQ and waking me up lol. Anyways they were still doing it and I joined them and they already did like 5. None of them dropped. We went on when I arrived and did many but they also didnt drop at all. I was at last of course and seeing that all didnt get drop made me feel kinda sceptical. Anyways Ultimo got his and afterwards me. Everybody else got pissed lol. Guess I am very lucky with 1/1 ><.

Oh yeah we also did a Proto-Omega, but it only dropped 2x Shoes :( Grats to Ninee and Caishen though ;)

Omega soon!

Done the last Limbus 'till our first Omega battle \o/. We linked a bunch of Dhamels on the last floor but we handled it very well. Got 4 Coins, wich is decent for 18-Men Limbus XD. Let's pray that it drops Corazza on Saturday :Q_.

CoP done! (Spoiler)

First off my Journal dosn't take care of normal spoilers but since this is a big one for those who haven't completed CoP you shouldnt read this. Otherwise its not like im describing the story just revealing some names ^^.


Ok, I told you I would post more again, and properly like good'ol days lol. Well today I finished CoP. I've done the Pot BC a few weeks ago and got lucky I found 4 BLM to help me (Thx again). I feel bad enough since I kinda leeched as THF since I didn't do all that much ^^. Anyways since today was Limbus and we had a bit free time before we started I asked around for ppl to help me with Promathia (Since I didn't have a set anymore as I wrote earlier) in Iratus. So we went to the BC and didn't have any problems at all. I would describe some of the action moments, but seriously, everyone who fought him can confirm that he is not really hard in any way. On the second farm Caishen and Matine died at the end cause of the Silencega he does that you cannot cure. But it was all good since Shadows and Ondori finished it off with Sidewinder and a nice Spell :D. Well, now I gotta wait till tomorrow 'till I can get my Rajas ._. (Might even have to get it on Saturday cause I might gotta go to a bday tomorrow).
I want to thank Caishen, Matine, Ondori and Ninee(playing Reeshin's Char) for helping me with this :D. And also grats to Shadows for also completing.
Now Bahamut (LS doing it soon ^^) and then Apocalypse Nigh ahead ;D. But I might wanna get my BLM to 75 first (waiting for Caedes and Makudesu, so we can create a set <.<).
Stay tuned, more news coming soon! (Sry for the many grammar mistakes but its late over here ;;)